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music videos

dir. cine .edit. grade

Artist: Vido Jelashe          Location: Berlin, Germany
Thabo Thindi: Dir/ Edit / Grade

Vido Jelashe_Judgement Day [Official Video]

Artist: Kelvin Shola          location: Poland
thabo thindi: Camera

KELVIN SHOLAR feat Dorrey Lin Lyles in Poland with Sylwester and the NFM Orchestra.

Artist: Jaqee.         Location: Berlin, Germany
thabo thindi: Cam/ Edit

Jaqee_miracle [Official Video]

Project: Building Bridges       Location: Ascona, Switzerland
thabo thindi: Camera / Edit

BUILDING BRIDGES through music

Artist: Aquabella        Location: Berlin, Germany
thabo thindi: Camera/ Edit

Aquabella_ Aisha (official music video)